Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's My Turn

Wacky Hair Day at school on Friday, May 16th: Gabriela had 7 pigtails with ribbon, Daniel & Everett spiked up their hair and well Madeline just didn't comb her I guess that is a little Wacky.

Since Aaron is gone for the next few days I am taking the liberty of writing on the blog. I am not this posting may not be as funny as previous posts, but you will know what is going on in our family. As you can see I have made some changes to the look of our page. It is spring and we needed something a little more lively!

The past few weeks have been busy. As you know Madeline and I went to Utah the last week of April and into May. Madeline enjoyed the plane ride, until the last 15 minutes when she didn't want to stay buckled in her seat. It was great spending time the Kingsford clan. The kids were wonderful and listened to what I asked them to do. Madeline had a great time with Ainsley and especially enjoyed "playing pins" with all the kids. We are glad that Taryn is doing so well and look forward to spending more time in Utah this summer.

Madeline on the airplane and then at the Salt Lake City Airport

We also spent time with friends from BYU and were able to attend Emma's baptism. It was a great day and we are glad for your choice to be baptized Emma. Way to go!

Emma's baptism day - with her dad Neil

Everett and Daniel had a nice visit to Spokane while Madeline and I were away. They stayed with Grandpa and Grandma Borders. They went to the family cabin in Kettle Falls while they were there and even had a visit to Red Robin. Good times. They went to Jenny and Aaron's next and enjoyed playing with Abby and Tyler (we will only mention that during this period Daniel was sick with the flu for 2 days..thank you Mom and Jenny for taking such good care of him:) ) After a couple of days they went over to Matt and Rachel's house and loved playing with Isabelle, Abram, and Eli. Matt took them fishing and had a BBQ with Andrew and Christy. Thank you family for taking such good care of our kids!

Everett with his tiger and Daniel with missing teeth

Aaron and Gabriela spent the time working in the yard, planting flowers, and planting our small garden. Gabriela was able to go home with friends after school until Aaron came home. She had a great time. Aaron missed me terribly of course...and the rest of the kids (maybe not terribly). Life around our house isn't the same without ALL of us here.

Gabriela after we pulled out two wood ticks lodged in her head; at Andrew & Christy's wedding reception in Sunnyside with Emma, and Erika (Christy's sister)

Now it is May! We love spring, though today feels like the middle of summer at 98 degrees! Aaron is in Allentown PA until Wednesday night. The kids and I will keep busy by making sure our lawn doesn't die and watching the American Idol Season Finale..Go DAVID!! We are looking forward to going to Kettle Falls for Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to our friends and family who take such good care of us and love us. We love you all and enjoy hearing from you. I hope you didn't mind hearing from me today! Aaron will be back soon and will keep you laughing. Have wonderful day!