Sunday, March 2, 2008

A month gone by, and nothing to tell...

Well, so much for New Year's resolutions. We went through the whole month of February without a post. We even had Leap Year on our side. We'll try and get back on track for the month of March. For now, let's catch you all up on the Welling happenings.

The month of February was terribly unexciting and uneventful. We stayed home every weekend and did very little around the house. Makes you wonder where all the time goes and how you can accomplish so little so quickly. Since there's nothing to talk about for happenings, we'll just tell you about each of us.

Gabriela is still in 1st grade and she's still the smartest kid in her class. She turned 7 yesterday and got a call from Grandpa and Grandma Welling in Kazakhstan to wish her a happy birthday. She thought that was really special. We had lots of cake left over from Grandpa Borders' 60th birthday party on Friday. She got about 10 books and read them all today. She's quite a voracious reader.

Everett's potty-training is still going pretty crappy. Literally. Kim has decided to bag the whole thing and move on to Madeline. We're hoping peer pressure gets the best of him and that he'll finally give in once everyone else is out of diapers. Otherwise, we'll just leave it to his missionary companion or loving spouse.

Daniel has started worrying about monsters under his bed, in the closet, under the seat in the car, and anywhere else you can possibly imagine. We've tried to convince him that all his pajamas and his blankets are monster repelling, so they can't get at him. He's not quite buying it though. If anybody has other ideas, let us know.

Madeline has to be the funniest little kid ever. She say the funniest things sometimes, with the funniest facial expressions. We've decided we need to stick her and Jaxon in a room together with a video camera just for the comedy that would most likely ensue. Might be some of the best YouTube yet.

Kim and Aaron are doing great. We're trying to get the house into a decent state before we have people come and stay with us during Uncle Andrew's wedding on March 29th. Hopefully that will work out, but work is pretty crazy so who knows what will happen. We're also headed out of town this weekend to go to Arizona and visit Dave and LeAnne. It will be nice to go where it's warm, but Richland has been in the 60s this week, it's been nice here too.

That's about it. Until next week...


kelli1714 said...

Glad to have you back in the blog realm after your brief, yet noticed stint of inactivity... Just dont let it happen again :)

LeRoy & Anne Welling said...

Aaron and Kim,
Thanks for the update on the kids. We love hearing about our wonderful grandchildren! About Daniel and the Monsters; There is a mother in Utah who actually marketed anti-monster spray! Just get a spray bottle of water and put a anti-monster sticker on it and have Daniel spray the room and under the bed! It couldn't hurt!!
Mom and Dad

Mama Bear said...

You guys are doing better on your blogging than I have been lately! Although, I did just post something yesterday! :) Glad you guys are doing well...sorry about the potty training woes...I feel you! Meredith loves to pretend to go potty, but after 6+ months...has yet to actually pee or poop in her little potty. Grr! GOOD LUCK!!!!