Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's about time!!

So much for keeping up on our blog. Three months later and I am finally doing it! I have no excuses. Here is recap of our life through pictures, with a little commentary...ENJOY!!


Gabriela is 8!

Gabriela's Birthday Party - we invited everyone, I don't think we will do that again...but it was a lot of fun!

Baptism Day - Saturday, March 14 2009

Paige, Hallie, and Gabriela
They are all friends who have birthdays within a few days of each other and were baptized on the same day. What a wonderful day!

Gabriela with her Dad

Happy St. Patricks Day - we had our roof replaced!

Old roof

New roof - only cost us $124 - Thank You insurance :)


Happy Easter!

Next to carving pumpkins,coloring Easter eggs is one of Aaron's favorite "holiday" things to do. We always do it the Friday before Easter so we can find Easter eggs on Saturday morning and keep Easter Sunday for worshipping and remembering the resurrection of Jesus Christ...the real reason we celebrate Easter!

Daniel, Gabriela, Madeline, & Everett with their beautiful colored eggs.

FFS or Family Friendly Soccer was started last Fall by some friends in our ward who were tired of league soccer and the time it took away from their family..yet they still wanted to play soccer....thus the birth of FFS. We have a Fall & Spring session lasting 8 weeks, we play on Saturday mornings for 1.5 hours. We practice for 45 minutes and play for 45 minutes. The teams are divided by age and coached by parents. Every family member can participate and it is alot of fun! We had such great success we are continuing next Fall.

Gabriela's team that Aaron coached both seasons.

Everett & Daniel's team

Painting our kitchen - After two years in our house, we finally painted the kitchen. Aaron really wanted to paint it tangerine, and I couldn't go that bright..but I wanted to make sure he had a version of his color. With the help of my friends Jessica, who helped me pick/confirm my paint colors, and Lisa who painted with me for two days...we finished it! We love it!



Behr paint - Wall: Creamy Nougat
Accent: Apple Crisp


Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Friday & Saturday in Penticton, British Columbia CANADA. My Grandmother lived most of her childhood and early adult years there and my dad was born there. When we crossed the border, I was informed by the Border Patrol Agent, that because my dad is Canadian (even though he is a naturalized U.S. citizen)I could apply for Canadian citizenship and be a dual citizen. We spent five minutes at the border hearing all the reasons why I should become a Canadian citizen..the best reason is if I ever committed a felony and the U.S. decided to deport me...Canada would take me! It was great:)

We had a lovely time meeting with my dad's cousins and seeing Penticton and the surrounding areas. It is a beautiful place and well worth the visit. We wish we had more time to spend...we will go back. The best part of the trip was being with Aaron, the kids, and my parents. We don't get enough alone time with them and it was great having them for two days. We love you Mom & Dad!!

Summerland B.C. just north of Penticton. This area is part of the Okanagan Valley which is central British Columbia and works its way to North Central Washington State. It is full of orchards and vineyards. Very beautiful.

We took a ride on the Kettle Valley Railroad which was part of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The kids had never been on a train and had a wonderful time.

Here are Gabriela, Daniel, and Madeline with Grandpa Borders at Wiltse Elemetary School. My grandmother was a Wiltse and her father owned over 600 acres of orchards. When he passed, the children developed the land. Wiltse Elementary School is located on Wiltse Blvd. with a crossroad at Wiltse Place. Pretty cool. We also visited the graves of my Great Grandfather & Grandmother Wiltse,and Great-great Grandfather & Grandmother Wiltse.

Madeline, Gabriela, and Daniel with Grandma Borders

This is overlooking the city of Penticton. It sits between Lake Skaha on the left and Lake Okanagan on the right. Lake Okanagan is 69 miles long and is said to be home to its own sea monster - a giant serpent like creature named Ogopogo. Unfortunately we didn't see it!!

The rest of the weekend we spent at the cabin in Kettle Falls. All the Washington families came up, as well as some friends of Andrew & Christy and we had a delightful time playing at the lake and enjoying each others company.

Last but not least.....

Everett lost a tooth earlier in the month and his face is the result of a mosquito bite he obtained at our ward Father & Son's campout. I should have taken more pictures because it eventually moved across his entire face and didn't clear up for a few days. Aaron was afraid his face would never be the same...but he is back to normal.

Parting thoughts...
I hope you enjoyed the last few months. We did. I hope to do better, but can't say I will. School gets out this week and we have a full summer of Aaron traveling, Kim going to Girls Camp, kids in swimming lessons, family trip to Utah, more traveling for Aaron, home for a week, Kettle Falls cabin with friends, Everett & Daniel's birthday, home for a couple of weeks, more swimming lessons, another reunion, anniversary...then with a week to spare in between...the kids will go back to school!

Life is very busy, but well worth it. I have a wonderful husband who I love dearly and works hard for our family. I have fantastic kids who at times drive me crazy, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. I have outstanding parent's and siblings, on both sides of the family, who love and support our family and make me happy. I have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and know that it is because of him I can have this family that I love...forever. Good night :)

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Jenks Jive said...

Such fun you've been having. I love, love, love your kitchen. It looks awesome. Very bold.
Your Memorial Day trip sounds so neat. I think with your record you would have jumped at the opportunity for dual citizenship and getting to be deported to Canada. ;)