Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last Day of School!!

Yesterday was the last day of school for Gabriela. Gabriela enjoyed her year in 2nd grade with her friends and teacher Miss Barrett. What a great year she had. Everett and Daniel finished their homeschool program in Kennewick last Thursday, but had a school picnic on Tuesday. After our fun summer, they will all be excited to start school on September 1st....Gabriela in 3rd grade and Everett and Daniel in Kindergarten.

After school we met our friends at the "Hathaway Park" for a "We are out of school water kickball party"...there was more playing in the water, than actual kickball, but it was a great day. Below are a few highlights from the day:

Gabriela with her friend Paige. Gabriela and Paige met the first day we moved to Richland when her dad came with the Elder's Quorum and helped us move into our apartment. They have gone to school together for the past three years and were baptized the same day. Paige's family is building a house in Pasco and we will miss them in our ward and neighborhood. But we will still see them because Pasco is only 6 miles away!! We love you Jenks family!!

Gabriela with her lovely teacher Miss Krista Barrett. They had a fantastic year! Thank you Miss Barrett...we love you!!!

Kick Ball Fun!

Great kick Gabriela!

Madeline playing in the pool with Breton.

What a fun day we had. We are looking forward to a lovely summer. Thanks to our great friends who plan such fun activities!!

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Jenks Jive said...

Hurray school is out. I am almost ready for it to start again. I guess I need to plan to do some fun things and get the kids signed up for swim lessons. I love that picture of Gabriela and Paige together. I hope Paige finds a great friend over here, too.