Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whitman Mission and Walla Walla you might die because I am posting twice in 1 day, but I am trying to document our summer fun as we are is much easier and doesn't take 2 hours.

Today we met some friends at the Whitman Mission outside of Walla Walla Washington. Say Walla Walla Washington three times as fast as you can. Walla Walla is famous for it's sweet onions and home to the Whitman Mission where Dr. Marcus Whitman, his wife Narcissa Prentiss Whitman and nine others were killed by members of the Cayuse Indian tribe. For more information on the Whitman Mission go to (sorry, I don't know how to put a link in yet).

I have heard of the Whitman Massacre since I was a young child attending Whitman Elementary School in Spokane WA and taking Washington State History. I have always wanted to go to Walla Walla and see the Whitman Mission. Now you may know from previous posts that I like to drag my family to historical sites and see all things history. This time I was able to drag a few friends as well :) I had mentioned my desire to my friend NaDell, whose parents live in Walla Walla, and she said "let's plan a day and go!" We decided on the day, she sent an email to everyone we know and people actually showed up! Here are some highlights of our day:

This is the great grave of those who were killed.

Here is a listing of those who were killed.

View overlooking the valley where the mission was located. Beautiful..

With friends at the museum.

The kids at the museum. Cute comment by Madeline today. We saw "Night at the Museum 2" this weekend and in the movie all the people and objects come to life after dark. This afternoon while we were waiting for our friends Madeline asked if the people were real. I said they were. She then asked if they came to life at night! It was very cute and I had to explain that they were real people, they just lived a long time ago and that the museum came to life only in the movies :)

After the mission we went into Walla Walla and spent an hour at Pioneer Park. They have an aviary and of course a playground.

A pretty peacock.

Welling and Ransom kids at a pioneer statue (the kid in the front was just a kid in the park who wanted to be in the picture)

Elizabeth, Daniel, Gabriela, Olivia, Madeline & Everett at the park gazebo.

Thanks to the Ransoms, Mitchells, Warrens and Tolicks for enjoying the Whitman Mission with me today! We had so much fun and look forward to doing something again.

Next...we should visit all the Oregon Trail sites that are within an hour drive of the Tri-cities...anyone?!?!?


NaDell said...

Yea! Look at your awesomeness doing your blog on the day it happened! It was fun to go visit there with you guys!
(You even finished your blog before mine.)
You know I'm up for going out to visit places. =)

Jenks Jive said...

It looks like you had a fun time with a fun group.